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I have seen many NET aspirants appearing for the exam without any strategy. It is necessary to make a good strategy regarding scoring in all three papers. A good strategy can be planned by considering passing system of NET.

Passing system

You must know that clearing NET requires separate passing in all three papers. The procedure and criteria for declaration of result comprise of following steps:

Step I: Minimum marks to be obtained in Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III of NET for considering a candidate for the eligibility for lectureship is given below:











40 (40%)

40 (40%)

75 (50%)





(OBC/DT/NT/SBC)(Non Creamy Layer)

35 (35%)

35 (35%)

67.5 (45%) rounded off to 68





(OBC/DT/NT/SBC)(Creamy Layer)

As per GENERAL Category






35 (35%)

35 (35%)

60 (40%)





Step II:              Amongst those candidates who have cleared step I, a merit list is prepared subject-wise and category-wise using the aggregate marks of all the three papers scored by such candidates.

Step III: Top 15% candidates (for each subject and category), from the merit list mentioned under step II, are declared NET qualified for eligibility for lectureship.

Passing NET under such circumstances reminds me of Darwin’s well known statement “survival of the fittest”. You need to be the best to clear NET.

The biggest hurdle in clearing NET is being unaware of passing marks (cut off marks) of upcoming NET. As the cut off point for NET is not declared before exam, it becomes difficult to set a target. However, though the cut off upcoming NET is unknown, a probable guess can be done by considering the cut off of last exam which is declared by UGC on their website ( The tentative cut off for upcoming NET can be determined by adding 5 % marks to the cut off of your subject in respective category of last exam. Unless you do this it is very difficult to qualify NET. The most important thing for qualifying NET starts when you determine tentative cut off. Once it is decided, you must plan for your strategy for setting cut off points. If you look at previous results, it can be learnt that scoring more than 60% marks assures success (In certain subjects cut off is much higher but on an average it can be assumed that 60% is an ideal figure to target). My further discussion is based on taking into consideration cut off of 60 %.  I have asked many students about their scoring strategy if the cut off would be 60 %. Most of students did not replied about their strategies as they had confusion because they have never thought of such a thing. Rest of them mentioned that they will try to score maximum marks in paper II and III and passing marks in paper I to get up to cut off of 60 % marks. This is because most of students are confident of scoring good marks in paper II and III thinking that these papers are related to their subjects. I feel that it is a wrong strategy. This is because it is very difficult to score very good marks in Paper II and III since the difficulty level of questions is very high. On the contrary, it is very easy to score very good marks in paper I as the questions asked in Paper I are very easy. Thus, the best strategy to get up to cut off is to score maximum marks in paper I and passing marks in paper II and III. This is because scoring maximum marks in paper I require less effort and it can be done with surety. However, scoring high marks in paper II and III need lot of study and also one cannot assure that he/she will score good marks in these papers in spite of very exhaustive study.

For assumed cut off 60% marks, I will plan the following scoring category:

Paper I :  80%

Paper II : 50%

Paper III : 50%

In my opinion, this would be the best combination. Once the strategy is planned, it becomes easier to plan further studies. Thus, one of the important things in clearing NET is making a good strategy considering tentative cut off. Make your own strategy looking at your strengths. The tentative scoring plan will pressurize you to score required marks in exam. So, if you have not planned your strategy for qualifying NET, go for it asap because “nothing great was ever achieved without employing proper strategy”.

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