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POSITIVE MINDSET MAKES ‘IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE’: Positive attitude plays a very important role for qualifying NET exam. This is because most of NET aspirants misunderstand that NET is a very difficult exam. This has created negative mindset and I have seen most NET aspirants are never confident about qualifying NET. Having negative attitude while preparing for NET can be the biggest hurdle in clearing NET.

In my last 14 years of NET counseling, I have seen that students with positive attitude have cleared NET in a very short time. On the basis of my experiences in last several years of NET counseling, I have discovered a magical formula to clear NET. The magical formula is: Clearing NET requires “80 % positive attitude and 20 % smart work”. I will explain the sort of ‘positive attitude’ required to clear NET in this section, while the meaning of ‘smart’ work is discussed in preparation of paper I, II and III.

 Let me begin with an incident that happened few days back. After completion of semester exams, two of my M. Sc. students came to meet me in concern with preparation for NET exam. They were very much interested in clearing NET exam and were in dilemma about preparation as there was just a month left for NET. The first question they asked me was will it be possible for them to study and qualify NET if they study for next 30 days? I looked at them and asked if they really wanted to qualify NET. Both of them nodded their head and said they will be very happy to qualify NET just by studying 30 days. I replied saying that they can definitely pass NET in 30 days, if they put in the best of their efforts. I suggested them to take rest for couple of days and then come back to me as they were quite exhausted after their semester exams. While they left my office, my colleague who witnessed this event was surprised and asked me whether I was kidding at those students. He said that students prepare for NET for years together and still they are unable to qualify NET, and how can you assure them that they can qualify NET in 30 days. I replied him saying that it is really possible to qualify NET in 30 days provided that they follow the smart study method. I am sure that all of you might be surprised at the time span that I stated for clearing NET exam. Believe me that NET is a very easy exam and you can qualify that employing proper strategy. Qualifying NET is just like opening a big 7-lever Lock. Imagine that you want to open a big 7-lever Lock. There are two ways to do it. One difficult way is to hit it with stones and open it. This is time consuming way and even if you hit lock with large number of big stones there is no guarantee that you will end up opening it. Another simple way is to get a key of that lock and just open it in a short time with very less efforts. Let us apply the same analogy to the different methods used for opening NET lock (clearing NET). There are two study methods namely, hard study method and smart study method. The hard study method (is just like opening lock by hitting stones) involves reading hundreds of books one after the other which is being followed by most NET aspirants. This method helps to gain a lot of knowledge but can not assure success. The second method, called smart study method (opening lock by using key) involves reading few books and developing a strong rational thinking ability. This requires less time and always leads to success. I am sure that you would like to know about smart study. In my last fourteen years of NET guidance, I have noticed that 70 % of students who fail NET are those who are highly committed hard workers. At the same time, it was surprising to observe that 70 % of students who have cleared NET have never studied very seriously. You will agree with me that many students who have cleared NET were very ordinary and still have managed to clear NET. On the contrary, many gold medalist, brilliant students and highly committed hard workers get repeated failures in NET exams (This fact has led me to conclude that hard study won’t always lead to success). As per my opinion, the reason for such a contradictory observation is that clearing NET requires strong rational thinking ability. Some students have strong in-borne rational thinking ability. They manage to qualify NET on the basis of whatever knowledge they have (Ref. Many of my students have cleared NET in appearing but have failed in their semester exams). Most of us have this ability but many of us are unaware of that. As this ability cannot be developed by reading books alone, many of very talented, hard working students cannot manage to qualify NET. The rational ability can be developed by solving large number of MCQs based on the syllabus. I have seen that most of NET aspirants spend a lot of time in studying the theory and very less time in solving MCQs. This fact creates hurdles in clearing NET. The exact meaning of smart study method is given in Preparation of Paper I, II and III on this website. You can see it for further details.

There is something that is more important than smart study which is required to clear NET. I think it is almost impossible to qualify NET without that. It is positive attitude.  I feel that it is almost impossible to qualify NET without positive attitude. Herein, I wish to tell you about the sort of positive attitude required to qualify NET. I believe that if you are highly dedicated towards your studies and if you are preparing from more than one year and in spite of that you are not able to clear NET then there is likely to be a problem somewhere. It is necessary to check where the problem is? I always suggest students to introspect; in the case they got repeated failures in NET. The most common thing that I have observed in students who got repeated failures is their negative attitude towards this exam.

If you have got repeated failures in NET, I suggest you to evaluate yourself through the questions that I have asked in the next part of the discussion. It may probably help you to find your problem in clearing NET. The first question that you should ask yourself is: What is your attitude towards looking at life? A) Optimistic or B) Pessimistic If answer is optimistic, then you are definitely going to qualify NET in next attempt. This is because optimistic people believe that “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” The problem with Pessimistic people is that they are negative towards everything in the life. There is a phrase in English that “I never saw a pessimistic general win a battle”. Thus, we need to be optimistic not only towards life but also at NET exams. I want to tell you the extent of negative attitude some NET aspirants have. I remember one of my students (who did a lot of hard work for NET) met me just before entering into NET exam hall. When I asked him about his possible performance in the NET which was going to start just after some time, he nodded his head saying no. He said “I will not be able to clear NET”. When I asked him why he feels like that, he replied saying that “He could not complete his studies satisfactory”. He wanted to have my blessings and thus touched my feet requesting me to pray for his success. I gave him my blessings. Looking at his negative attitude, I thought that neither me nor god will help him to qualify NET, as he himself declared that he was not going to clear NET (I have seen most NET aspirants with the same feeling). I felt very pity at my student, since I read the book SECRET which is all about Law of Attraction. The book says that there is something called universal energy whose work is to fulfill your every wish. The hypothesis of the book is that if you bring any thought in mind no matter whether positive or negative, the work of universal energy is to help you achieve that. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. One example used by the proponent of the law of attraction is that if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then the law of attraction would "confirm" those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who expects cheque might, under the same law, find a cheque instead of a bill. Strange to believe, but it really works. I have used this method and seen miracles happening in my life. Now let us see how this law worked on my student. When he said “I will not be able to clear NET”, the thought went to universal energy and universal energy got a message that the fellow wants to fail in the exam and thus universal energy said “तथास्तु”. The energy started working in a manner so that student fails in exam because he thought of failure. I did not know the performance of this student in NET exam but I received a call from him after couple of months saying that he has failed in the exam. Initially, when a Ph. D. student of mine, Mr. Sharan Khanapure (a great energy expert), told me about the book Secret and the hypothesis, I thought he was kidding. I wondered how one can make things happen as per one’s thoughts. I did not believe him. Let me tell you about myself. I was very pessimistic in my life. My day used to start with negative thoughts and it continued till I go to bed. There were lots of negative things happening in my life. When Sharan told me about thoughts coming into reality, I realized that whatever negative things happen in my life were the result of my negative thoughts. Prior to this thought, I use to curse God for every negative thing that would happen in my life. I thought why not to try the secret book formula once. I thought of trying Secret book formula in my life. I decided to change my thoughts and live my life with positive attitude. Initially it was difficult because my mind was used to negative thoughts for last 35 years. How could it change suddenly? But when I tried thinking positively, I was surprised to see positive results in my life. All things started happening as per my thoughts. I have seen most people filled with negative thoughts and negative emotions. Most of these people have always got negative results in their life because their thoughts have turned into reality. Thinking positively brought miracles in my life.

 One day I decided to use this formula on students appearing for NET exam. I formed a small group of NET aspirants who were repeatedly failing for last several years, in spite of very good study. I suggested them to start thinking that they have cleared upcoming NET during their preparation days. Some of the students argued saying that just imagining such things will never help them in qualifying NET. But when I convinced them, they agreed saying that were tired of appearing for NET repeatedly. They thought that when they have done so much for clearing NET, why not to try this formula. I did experiments with them. They started imagining that they have cleared NET. When they agreed, I told that imagining alone will never help; they will also have to feel the happiness of clearing NET within, while they imagine that they have cleared NET (Manifestation). They agreed for that as they were ready to do anything for clearing NET. I could easily recognize the impact of these thoughts on their life. Each day when I use to meet them, they seemed more and more confident. Finally, they went to NET exam.  The miracle happened. When they went to the exam, they were asked most of the questions from the books which they have read. They were happy with their performance. They met me after the NET exam and told me that they continue the same thoughts till results are declared. At the same time, they also told me that henceforth they will be always positive toward each and everything in their life. They promised me that they will always live in hope than in despair. Finally, result was declared and I was happy to see that all of them qualified NET. This event taught me that positive attitude can help students to qualify NET. Let me tell you what changes occurred when these students started thinking positively. They 1) became responsible, 2) started spending most of their time in studies, 3) started enjoying their studies and 4) started living happily.

Thus, I believe that being positive will help you to achieve anything in life. Thus let us try to be positive from today. It is said “watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Thus let us change our thinking style from today. Don’t ever allow negative thoughts to come in your mind. Think everything positively, at every moment even if you  feel that it is impossible. You will find impossible things becoming possible. 

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